Output tags

This glossary lists all known tags that can be used to label test outputs. According to the assigned tags appropriate fingerprinting or evaluation methods are automatically applied to the output data.

3D image, 4D image
a sub-category of volumetric image with a particular number of axes
columns of a matrix or an array should be described individually
nifti1 format
a file in any variant of the NIfTI1 format
numeric values
a file containing an array/matrix of numeric values
rows of a matrix or an array should be described individually
as much of the file content should be keep verbatim in a fingerprint
text file
a file with text-only, i.e. non-binary content
a file with data table layout (if a text format, column names are in first line; uniform but arbitrary delimiter)
values from a Student’s t-distribution
volumetric image
a multi-dimensional (three or more) image
whitespace-separated fields
data in a structured text format where individual fields are separated by any white-space character(s)
standardized values indicating how many standard deviations an original value is above or below the mean